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Mobile Apps

We create native cross platform apps using the latest tools and technologies.

Custom Application Development

Experts in Microsoft stack application development. Whether you need a top notch experienced coder or somebody to architect your entire web, cloud, and mobile enterprise solution, Itchy Flounder has the resource for you.


Feature rich apps engineered right using the latest enterprise application patterns

Meet The Team

Having developed enterprise applications for over 23 years I finally decided to go into business for myself. I have several app ideas I've been wanting to develop but never had the time. I decided to finally do something. Developing the ideas into products and starting this business is now my focus. The idea for Itchy Flounder actually came about from my son's friend. We were over at his house helping him setup his Xbox One and Itchy Flounder was the random name generated for his Gamertag. I always found it kind of funny, and it just stuck with me. So with his permission it became the name of the company.
Founder, Lead Programmer

Coding is my passion with several personal closed and open source projects that I've developed in my free time. Besides developing the products I am involved in all aspects of running the company.


If Robin is all things technical then Angela helps balance the team with input and feedback on how more mainstream consumers interact with the products. She provides valuable testing and UI/UX suggestions. When asked what does Robin do for a living she often responds with "he does computery things."

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